it’s a very great experience to attend the 2 days workshop conducted in SCBDCH, Cuttack on clinical photography in which Dr. Vyas Sir has guided us about the extra oral and intraoral clinical photography in a tremendous n simple way by giving live examples, demonstrating each n every view by adjusting different parameters..so it becomes interesting n easy to click every shot in an innovative way…. I wish that every institute should conduct such type of workshops so that Doctors should recognize minute errors which can change the whole diagnosis n treatment plan…. We wish to learn more from Dr. Vyas in future both clinical as well as wildlife photography……
thanks sir for guiding us
Dr Neha Patyal

Dr Neha Patyal

Gm all…

I must share a feedback about @Matrishva Vyas Clinical photography course which I have joined last month…

Trust me it is one of the best course I have attended so far, very practical points to implement, pure dedication by Dr Vyas to each participant’s smallest of query and to solve it, going slowly for the ease of participants and not in a hurry to finish the course, and I was doing clinical photography myself with Dslr but after this course I got almost 6-10 points new which I could easily incorporate in my clinical setup and which helped me immensely to improve my clinical photography skills…

Thank you Dr Vyas for everything…

Shared the feedback here so in case in future any member from our group can take the advantage of Dr Vyas’a course…


Dr. Manan Atit

“Had a very interesting session on diagnostic imaging with Dr.Matrishva Vyas.It has really helped to enhance my knowledge about the importance of clinical photography.”

Rohan Sam

“I was with sir on WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAHY LEARNING TOUR, TADOBA this weekend. Dr maitrishva Vyas Sir is having extreme knowledge and skill in wildlife photography, no doubt in that.
It was wonderful learning experience under the guidance of Sir.
During jungle safari sir’s tips for photography helped me to overcome my mistakes which I usually make.
I would like to be associated with you sir in future also.
Thank you sir.”

Amit Kurutkar

“We had a wonderful clinical workshop on diagnostic imaging with Dr.Matrishva Vyas.Being a 1st year MDS student(orthodontic and dentofacial orthopaedic) it has helped me to enrich my knowledge regarding the importance of taking a proper clinical photograph and the importance it plays in diagnosis of a case.Dr.Vyas has also shared with us how photography (being his passion) has enriched his professional life.With a take home message that we need not leave our passion for profession.A proper balance between the two can make our journey more interesting and beautiful”

   Matiinaa Ksh

“We had a wonderful time at Madikwe. Dr Vyas is very Proffessional in his approach at the same time very genuine and warm,not to mention fun loving . The six day at Madikwe was enjoyable at the same time very informative and useful specially from a photographic point. Would definitely recommend dr Vyas photographic camp. Worth every penny !”

  Michael Dominic

“It was a wonderful and memorable experience. Learnt a lot in photography. The beautiful jungles, animals, the flora and fauna are all exceptional. Our drivers/guide’s were extraordinarily experienced and knew exactly what we wanted to see. The arrangements were excellent. All in all whatever I had dreamt for this safari, came true and much more. Thanks to Dr. Vyaas and his passion. Am seriously planning on joining for South Africa tour next year.”

 Nalini Chitradurga

“very well planned and disciplined trip to give the full pleasure of wildlife.Guidance provided by him on the field is also awesome.”

Ajay Agrawal

“We had an amazing time with Dr. Vyaas. He personally picked us up from the Airport and joined us on the first safari with us. His knowledge about just the different flora and fauna etc is amazing. He shared different insights on photography which has led to us taking better pictures.”

Kamal Shah Kampur

“Sir your workshop has enriched our knowledge regarding use of photographs as a diagnostic tool. It was an amazing experience.”

Monojit Dutta

“Had an enriching and learning experience with Matrishva sir at Bandhavgarh. He is a teacher par excellence, an individual who is so friendly and open to ones doubts. He voluntarily explained the key features, the techiques and skills involved in Wildlife photography. Would surely recommend his tours to the budding and serious photographers. Hope to join your future programmes some time again sir ��.
Thank you for wonderful memories.”

Navin Kumar

“Dr matrishva vyas is a great teacher and has a wealth of knowledge and share it in a very interesting way.
Really great full to have him in Divya Jyoti dental college.
Thank you sir”

Jishnu Pillai

“Dr Vyas is a great teacher and I learnt a lot about photography – both wildlife on the trip to Madikwe and clinical, from the course he held in Nairobi. He has a wealth of knowledge and shares it in an easy to understand form that allows you to put it into practice immediately.”

Purvi Shah

“if you are keen wild life photographer or enthusiast join matrishwa on his Africa photo tours. He is very good teacher, photographer and very entertaining host…”

Aanad Nirgude

“Fantastic and well organised. Dr. Vyas is the master”

Digvijay Patil

“A families Dream come true made possible with the help of Dr Vyas sir .It felt like being taken care of by a family member who helped us from that time of booking flight tickets to talking everday from africa making sure everything was going smooth. Anyone who wishes to go to Africa for the first time for wildlife should definitely take the guidance of Vyas sir. Thanks a million sir ?

Pratik S Dagha

Wonderful person and a precise expert!!!

Blessed to hav such wonderful person in life…

Salman Shariff

“I just finished a 2 day, tiger spotting safari at Tadoba. The trip was extremely well organized and educational, in more than one way. I hope my review does justice to this amazing trip.

We went along with Matrishva Uncle, as a family of 3, my dad, my 14 year old brother and me. The entire trip was jovial with uncle’s company and educational with the deep knowledge on wildlife that we were exposed to. We had so many things to learn, view and enjoy as a family. The stay was well organised and the safari itself was exceptional. We were taken to spots which were guaranteed hotspots for tiger spotting and it was worth the long waiting hours. Patience is a virtue and I’m glad I learn a lot about this important aspect in life.

Spotting 6 tigers in 2 days is something special for me. I learnt quite a bit of basic knowledge on how to use my DSLR camera too. Personally, I was always learning something new, be it about the wildlife habitat or about the camera work too. Hands down, it has been one of my best wildlife experiences and has kindled an amateur shutterbug in me. I hope to take forward my learnings and make my photography skills better too. Overall, we were well cared for and extremely happy that we got to experience something this wonderful. I hope to do more such trips in the future!”

Alankrith Shankar

Our experience with Dr Matrishva Vyas Wildlife Photography and safari exceeded all our expectations.It was one of the best trips I ever had.His choice of picking Joe as our tour driver made our trip, absolutely the best. Because of his vast knowledge of the area and animals is a huge plus.
After each game drive Dr Vyas finds time to see the photos we have taken, the mistakes we committed and advises us to improve the techniques.I learned so much about getting a great image of wild life , scenic images, birds and spectacle shots of the animal moves. It’s not just to watch the animals – it is to know the entire story,- Amazing experience.
The holiday went like watching a thrilling movie, with no hitches anywhere.
The quality of service and delivery of experience was surpassed… the moment we landed till they dropped us back to airport…was absolutely taken care.
This trip, absolutely exceeded my expectations.
Recommending with LOVE.

Abdul Rahim

Having been on a tour led by the indomitable Dr Matrishva Vyas to Tanzania last month, I can say that his commitment and effort to provide the participants an amazing experience is highly commendable. It was a tour that was well-arranged, with fantastic sightings and the photos I got were certainly enhanced by Vyas’s advice and guidance. Highly recommended!!

Jeo Varghese

Having been on a tour led by the indomitable Dr Matrishva Vyas to Tanzania last month, I can say that his commitment and effort to provide the participants an amazing experience is highly commendable. It was a tour that was well-arranged, with fantastic sightings and the photos I got were certainly enhanced by Vyas’s advice and guidance. Highly recommended!!

Shiyas Koya

Basics of clinical photography was covered in such a short time which I hope will improve my clinical photographs,i felt lucky to spend my day in his class.

Rathin Kumar

I have been his pg student…he is sinly Genious…u can’t find a better nentor that him….Sir Hata Off

Samir Jain

Had an amazing session today in Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi on Diagnostic photography in dentistry. It was a very entertaining and enlightening session. Looking forward to being associated with you sir in wildlife photography tours also and honing my photography skills.
Thankyou very much sir for today’s amazing session.

GS Priya