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About Dr. Matrishva B. Vyas

Dr. Matrishva B. Vyas is an Orthodontist by profession based at Nagpur. He did his BDS and MDS from Govt. Dental College, Nagpur in 1992 and 1996 respectively.

He has been in Private practice at Nagpur since 1996. He was Professor and Head of the department of Orthodontics at various Dental Colleges and has guided more than 20 post-graduate students. He has been a recipient of many awards including the prestigious Pierre Fauchard academy certificate way back in 1990. He has to his credit Dr. P. P. Jacob award for best scientific publication in the year 2005. He is also the recipient of Best clinical paper award and the Best clinical innovation award in the field of Orthodontics for his innovative design named “Dual Force Cuspid Retractor”. He has numerous scientific publications to his credit and has lectured extensively in various Orthodontic conferences nationally and internationally.

More than 5000 orthodontic patients are treated successfully by him and he enjoys the status of being the most favoured Orthodontist in Central India for adjunctive treatment of Cleft lip and Palate patients.


Awards  :

#   National scholarship merit certificate (1986 )

#   Nagpur Divisional Board merit certificate ( 1988 )

 #   Colgate – IDA Scholarship award ( 1989 )

#   Colgate –IDA Scholarship award      ( 1990 )

#    PierreFauchardAcademy certificate – ( 1991 )

#    Indian Society of  Periodontology merit certificate ( 1992 )

#    Best article award published in Dental Dialogue Journal (1995)

#    Dr. P. P. Jacob Award for best scientific publication in Journal of Indian Orthodontic

Society  (2005)

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